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Landmark Surveying Engineering/Architectural Services

Engineering/ Architectural

Just as every part of a building relies on a solid foundation, every project relies on an accurate base map. At the beginning of the project, we perform precise topographical surveys, make surface models and create the base map that allows your project’s design and construction phases to integrate seamlessly. Our full range of engineering and architectural services also includes:

Bridge Designs

  • Route Mapping
  • Bridge Locations


  • Roads
  • Utilities

Roadway Design

  • Site Mapping
  • Right of Way Establishment
  • Utilities
  • Site Control Points

Site Development

  • Base Mapping
  • Utilities
  • Road Design
  • Boundary
  • State Plane Coordinates
  • Lot Split and Consolidation


  • Existing Conditions
  • Existing Structures
  • Boundary
Base mapping. As built. We help you get the job done.

Base mapping. As built.
We help you get
the job done.

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