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Landmark surveying equipment and technology

Equipment & Technology

At Landmark we believe in combining the best of old-world values with modern, cutting-edge equipment and technology. Here are just a few of the state-of-the-art tools that help our surveyors deliver incredible accuracy and efficiency to every project.
Trimble SPS985 GPS GNSS Units

These advanced units allow us to measure and verify original ground levels and site features, monitor real-time cut/fill information, checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances, and compute progress and material stockpile volumes.

Trimble S6 300DR + Robotic Total Station

The most advanced optical total station in the world. Offering Surepoint™ and Direct Reflex Technology.

Trimble S7 Total Station

This new total station combines scanning, imaging and surveying into one powerful tool that not only captures data but creates 3D models, high-accuracy visual site documentation, and point clouds.

AutoCAD Subscription

Our on-going subscription to the most advanced, 3D Civil Engineering software available gives the Landmark team incredible flexibility and efficiency in creating 3D models — streamlining workflow and enhancing our design and modeling capabilities.

HP Mobile & Desktop Workstations

We use the most advanced mobile and desktop workstations in the universe — the same HP units NASA uses on the International Space Station.